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Faye Wong Like Wind Like Faye [HDCD]



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Listen to Faye's voice when she was young

  • the recordings were made 18 years ago (from 2003), the first time ever released
  • good sound quality with HDCD-encoding
  • music arranged and conducted by Liu Xiao Geng, backed by The Central Opera House Band
  • includes three portrait cards of Faye

  • Track Listing (Chinese)
    01. 風從哪裡來
    02. 四個願望
    03. 甜蜜蜜
    04. 漫步人生路
    05. 望着天空的小孩
    06. 小小的秘密
    07. 說說笑笑
    08. 又見炊煙
    09. 你怎麼說
    10. 唱歌的人
    11. 冬之戀情
    12. 一個小心願
    13. 最高峰

    Track Listing
    01. Where Does the Wind Come From?
    02. Four Desires
    03. Sweet is Dense
    04. Roams the Personal Way Out
    05. The Girl is Looking at the Sky
    06. Small Small Privacy
    07. Has a Friendly Chat
    08. Sees the Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys Again
    09. How Did You Say?
    10. Sings Person
    11. Affection of the Winter
    12. A Small Wish
    13. High Point

    • Type: Audio CD (HDCD-encoded)
    • Origin: China
    • Number of Discs: 1

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