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Dizi Jade Flute and Spring Wind [2HDCD]



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  • Chinese music in Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) by Flute Spirite Jiang Guo-ji and Flute King Chen Hong-yan
  • Track Listing

    Disc 1 (Jiang Guo-ji)
    01. Water Village Chantey
    02. Travel in Gu-su
    03. Selling Vegetable
    04. Sunglow of a Fishing Village
    05. Chanting Melody, double flute
    06. Six Old Sections
    07. Sword
    08. Autumn Moon Over Calm Lake
    09. Music of Cai-sang
    10. Plum Prelude
    11. Su-wu Herding Sheep
    12. Three, Five and Seven
    13. Primitive Hunting Picture

    Disc 2 (Chen Hong-yan)
    01. Three Chapters of Poems
    02. River Water
    03. Butterfly Lovers (26'56")

    • Type: Audio CD (HDCD-encoded)
    • Origin: China
    • Number of Discs: 2

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