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China Revolution Music The East is Red [HDCD]



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Track Listing

01. Red East
02. Farmers Song
03. Autumn Harvest Insurgence
04. Osmanthus Blossom All Over in August
05. Fly Over Great River
06. Across the Jokul and Lea
07. Seven Cadence & Long March
08. Militia March
09. The October Wind Blow From North
10. Join Up Worker and Farmer Soldiers
11. Moon of West River & Jing-gang Mountain
12. Combatants of Red Army Miss Chairman Mao
13. Deep Affection
14. Army Join Forces
15. Over Song-hua River
16. Song of Counteract to Japan Stratocracy College
17. Go to the Enemy's Home Front
18. Nan-ni Bay
19. Comity is Power
20. The Sky of Liberated Area
21. New China Communist From Party
22. Wish You Longevity Chairman Mao
23. Song for Guerilla
24. Safeguard Yellow River
25. The People of China Liberate Army March
26. Seven Cadence & PCLA Occupied Nan-jing
27. Pacan
28. Motherland Singing

  • Type: Audio CD (HDCD-encoded)
  • Origin: China
  • Number of Discs: 1

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