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Ballet Music Women Army In Red / White Hair Girl [2HDCD]



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Track Listing

Disc 1 Women Army In Red
01. Prelude : Have My Bosom Filled with Enmity Run Out From the Tiger
02. One Act : Evergreen Direct The Road, Run to Red Army
03. Two Act : Qing-hua Charge, Join in Red Army
04. Three Act : Collaborate From Within with Forces from Outside Attack Bandits' Lair at Night
05. Four Act : Communist Party Hero The Armyman and Demos Draw Together
06. Five Act : I Nick at the Mountain Pass
07. Six Act : Overstep Martyr's Bloodstain, Go Ahead Go Ahead

Disc 2 White Hair Girl
01. Prelude :
02. One Act : Have My Bosom Filled with Enmity
03. Two Act : Run Out Bandit's Lair
04. Three Act : Want to Avenge
05. Four Act : Hope The Sun Raise From Eastward
06. Five Act : Red Flag Cut in Yang Banker
07. Six Act : Blaze Burning to See The Personal Enemy
08. Seven Act : The Sun is Raising
09. Epilogue : Spend Joyfully Liberating

  • Type: Audio CD (HDCD-encoded)
  • Origin: China
  • Number of Discs: 2

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